Following the successful resurrection of the bellringing team at Feniton for the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1 we would like to continue ringing. Not just continue, but continue to improve our ringing.

If anyone would like to learn to ring the church bells, now would be a

You may have heard Feniton Church bells ringin recently. The ringers were a team from Exeter Cathedral who visited on three occasions to try to achieve something new.

People who live within the reach of the sound of the Church bells will know that we have had a number of visiting ringer Bands recently.

We have a very good ring of bells at St Andrew's and they are popular with visitors though unfortunately we do not seem to be able to raise a Band of our own from

At present we do not have a team of regular ringers. Our bells are still available for viting ringers to use (Contact Josephine Chown on 01404 850513; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to arrange a visit.

Bells for weddings can also usually be arranged. Please speak to our vicar (See 'Contact Us' page) in the first instance when discussing your wedding requirements.


Appeal for new bellringers (Parish Magazine, February 2015): "You may have heard the St Andrew's Church bells being rung and wondered if it was by a local or a visiting team. We have many visiting teams as they find our bells light and enjoyable to ring. However, due to many reasons beyond our control, our local band is now so small that we can only ring if we call on the help of ringers from other towers.

We therefore urgently need more ringers to swell our numbers so that we can practise regularly and be able to ring for Weddings and Services with our own people. We have a nucleus of 4 experienced ringers but really need a minimum of twice that number so that we can hope to get at least 6 available for any event. St Andrew's has a fine, light ring of 6 bells and if you are able to ring and would like to join us you would be very welcome indeed. If you would like to learn (and age is no barrier up or down) we would be glad to teach you.

At present we practise (when we have enough ringers) on Wednesdays at 7pm. Please contact Josephine Chown, Tower Captain, 01404 850513"

St Andrew's Church has a ring of 6 bells which are in good condition. We welcome ringers from other churches who would like to use our bells. Please contact Miss Josephine Chown (01404 850513, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for details or to book to ring.

Ringing for Sunday Services is rare, but a team can usually be found for Weddings. Requests for bells at forthcoming weddings should be made through Rev. Cate when discussing other aspects of the wedding.


(from the Payhembury village blog site): BELL RINGING Do you enjoy the Church bells on Sunday mornings? Did you know the bells are rung upside down?  Come and see the bell chamber and have a go at ringing at 8.00pm on Thursday evenings. We need people who can ring the heavier bells. Be a part of the team! Contact Roger Leach (841409) or Maryanne Parker (851234)


No bells.