You may have heard Feniton Church bells ringin recently. The ringers were a team from Exeter Cathedral who visited on three occasions to try to achieve something new.

Bell ringers like to ring peals. A peal is more than 5000 different changes which takes about 3 hours to complete. Our project and aim was to ring 41 different methods in a single peal to a new 'composition'. The ringers can't change half way through or stop for a comfort break. And if one of the ringers goes wrong or the conductor forgets the next method...that is it. Game over! It is, indeed, a feat of endurance - both mentallly and physically.

This project came abour for two reasons. Firstly, I was celebrating my 41st birthday in May and wanted to do something new for this. Coincidentally this new composition was published just a few days previously which we wanted to have a go at ringing. Hence the idea was born and permission was granted for us to ring at Feniton.

On our first visit we rang for anout 1h 30 when the ringing faltered and we had to stop. On our second visit an accident on the A30 delayed some of the ringers who then arrived flustered and not mentally prepared to ring. So this attempt lasted even less time - just 45 minutes. Our final attempt, on June 14th, was viewed with a "now or never" attitude. Fortunately all went very well and our peal was completed in 3hours 7 minutes. We were overjoyed to complete our project and do it, in the end, with confidence, rhythm and style.It has been a delight to be able to ring and comlete this exciting peal on your bells at Feniton.

We hope you enjoyed hearing the bells ringing and thank you for your forbearance & understanding that has allowed us to complete this project.

Matthew Hilling

Exeter Cathedral Ringing Master