Now I see that Christmas cards are appearing in Otter Nurseries already it made me think that the Shoe Box Appeal will soon be upon us.

Could I ask that you begin thinking about it. This year there will be no pre-made boxes as we are changing our distributor, so could you look out for a shoe box and

We know when Autumn is here because the usual piece appears in the magazine from me. It's soon time to empty the Children's Society collection boxes!

If you have a box could you return it to me during the week commencing 12th November. Should you have difficulties delivering it please give me a ring on 850699


This year exceeded all expectations with 127 boxes being sent via Operation Christmas Child from the three parishes of Feniton, Escot and Payhembury. In addition to the boxes ,so generously filled, there was a considerable sum of money, in excess of £300 either from donations or raised from the Coffee Morning in October.

Our boxes went out on the first load to the children Albania. This will give pleasure to many children who are not as fortunate as ours.

Sheila Lanning


I cannot believe how generous the box holders were this year, the total sum collected was £1,045 which is the most we have ever received. It was a combined effort between the three parishes of Feniton Payhembury and Escot.

Another year has passed and the customary reminder is going out to ask those of you who have a Children's Society gift box to return the Feniton boxes to Sheila Lanning at 3 Church Lane and the Payhembury boxes to Becky Gammon by the last week of October.

(That gives Sheila time during November to count the money and return the boxes to you before the Opoeration Christmas Child gift boxes need to be made up and despatched in the early part of November.)

Thank you

Sheila Lanning