We know when Autumn is here because the usual piece appears in the magazine from me. It's soon time to empty the Children's Society collection boxes!

If you have a box could you return it to me during the week commencing 12th November. Should you have difficulties delivering it please give me a ring on 850699

and I will arrange to collect it from you. I will return the empty box with details of how myuch it contained. A report in the magazine will record the total sum collected.

Should anyone feel that they would like a box in which to donate small change to the Children's Society please let me know. No one is judged on how much or how little is in theh box and the amounts are kept confidential so please help the Society as every penny counts.

I am very grateful for the generosity of all the people who acurrently donate and I realise that many charities call on your good will.

Kind regards

Sheila Lanning

3 Church Lane