Churchyard Grass Cutting 2018

Dear all,

I know you have been waiting to arrange 2018 social events in your diaries but put off doing so until you received the grass cutting dates. Well at last here they are:-

The first Saturday in each month is

March 3rd
April 7th
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th

August 4th
Sept 1st

Oct 6th

November 3rd - possibly depending on grass growth

Start time is as usual, approx. 9 a.m. and as you know we aim to finish by 11 a.m. at the latest, but you can come and go to suite your Saturday plans. Should you not be able to do a particular Saturday if you let me know you can always come at your convenience and do a bit on your own as I can make the gear available for you to use.

At the end of last year we did talk about splitting the team into two and cutting every 2 weeks, each team doing alternate sessions, perhaps we could chat this idea over again and seek a consensus view.

If you could raise up any other helpers amongst your friends and family it would certainly lighten the load on the stalwarts.

This year I would like to see if we could cut back the edges of the grass where its growing over the paths and also flatten some of the grave mounds which make cutting more difficult.

In addition to grass cutting Nod Harwood has caught the mole that has been causing so much damage around the graves, once caught no more mole hills have been seen. George Sweeney has treated the benches with wood preserver. Normans wild flower seeds may appear this year so things are still happening..

We have had a tree surgeon cut out the dead wood and pruned back the yew trees a bit ,but now this has released other branches to drop so a bit more trimming is needed which I think we can do

Coffee, Pats shortbread and Normans bread remain the incentive to come but I hope so is the humour, the sense of fun and the feeling of a community spirit with a job well done.

I know the church and PCC really appreciate what you do to help keep our church looking loved and cared for and I know I could not do it without your help.

With many thanks,

David (850699)