At the most recent meeting of Feniton PCC it was reported that our Electoral Roll consists of 53 members.

If you would like to be added to Feniton's Electoral Roll please contact our Electoral Roll Office, Nigel Bond, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is some information about the Electoral Roll from the Exeter Diocese website:

Electoral Roll Officers

The electoral roll officer keeps the electoral roll up to date and reports any changes to the PCC. While for much of the year the position is unlikely to be onerous there are times when tasks need to be undertaken to quite a strict time schedule.

  • Revisions: The electoral roll is revised annually when new people may be added and others removed. The revision is completed not less that 15 days, and not more than 28 days, before the annual meeting. This allows time for anyone who wishes to inspect it to do so. The revised list is posted on the main notice board for at least 14 days before the Annual Meeting. At the meeting itself complete the electoral roll certificate (available from the diocesan website) and post one copy on the notice board (for at least 14 days) and send another to the diocesan offices. This has to be done by 1st June each year.
  • Renewals: Every six years a completely new electoral roll is prepared. This process is next due in 2019 and has a longer timetable. Not less than two months before the annual meeting warning is given of the new roll. This warning period lasts for at least 14 days and at every service on each of the two Sundays in this period the person taking the service announces the intention to create a new roll. It is the responsibility of the PCC to take reasonable steps to inform everyone currently on the role that a new roll is being prepared. Everyone who wishes to be on the roll, even if they are already on it, must complete an application form. The new roll is again completed not less that 15 days, and not more than 28 days, before the annual meeting followed by a period of inspection lasting at least 14 days. During this time corrections may be made but no additions or removals.

Sections 1-5 of the Church Representation Rules deal with the Electoral Roll. Further information and advice is available from the Synod Office on 01392 294931.