Report on the replacement of the dove window in Escot Church, near Ottery St Mary.

The dove in the east window is very unusual. Over the years it had deteriorated, cracked and pieces had been falling out which prompted us to contact Andrew Johnson to come and have a look at it. Andrew has completed other work for us over the years, has a wealth of knowledge and knows the church well.  

In order to protect the old dove window from any further damage, and eventually the new one, Andrew fitted a piece of polycarbonate to the outside. Photos were also taken.

When he was ready to complete the work the old pieces were removed taken back to the workshop where the new quatrefoil section of dove window was made by painting and firing the glass.

The day it was installed was quite nerve-wracking for us to watch. As you can see by the pictures the glass is very thin and not of a regular shape. It had to be transported up the ladder to the top of the scaffold and then offered into the space left by the old one.

Thankfully all went well and Andrew and his colleague were able to putty in the new glass without any adjustment. Phew! I think you will agree that it looks amazing.

At some point the old pieces will be put together in a frame so that they can be displayed in church for everyone to see. To see them it is incredible to believe they have lasted for so many years.

We are thrilled with the result and grateful to the Trust for their support.

Eve Townson