Escot Open Weekend 3/4 May 2015:

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We held two very successful Open Days at the beginning of May with very interesting displays on the history of the church and village, men who died during the first world war commemorated on our memorial window, flower festivals, kneelers and our baptism, marriage and burial registers. Although we did not have huge amounts of visitors those who came were most interested, some staying for hours and we never had an empty church. Tea and cakes went down well and in total we made over £300. We are most grateful to Olive whose idea it was and to all those who helped in any way. Our 175th anniversary was well and truly celebrated.

We are delighted that Andrew Johnson has agreed to give his talk on stained glass on Friday 24th July at 7pm in Escot Church. Those of you who visit the church will know that our glass is very beautiful and Andrew’s specialist knowledge will, I am sure, tell us much more about it. Tickets for the evening will cost £10 to include wine and light snacks, and are available from Lindsay Saunders on 812962 or me. This is a rare opportunity to learn about probably the church’s most important feature so I do hope you will come and join us and encourage others to do so.

June is the first of three months when we do not have a service on the second Sunday. Although it is a cause of sadness that we will not have services every week our regular congregation is very small and we must accept that this may be a sign of the future. Feniton is having a 9am Communion service on that Sunday so I hope that our faithful few will be able to join the congregation there. Other services are as normal so we look forward to welcoming you to them.

Judy Davis 812739



Firstly an apology! We have reluctantly decided to postpone our Spanish Supper evening. Having started planning for it with great enthusiasm I realised that with several people away and our Open Days the previous weekend it was just too much for us.

Plans for the Open Days are however progressing well. We are open on Sunday May 3rd after our service from about 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday and from 2pm to 5pm on Monday May 4th. Information from our baptism, marriage and burial registers will be on display together with a churchyard map so you can identify family graves or follow up on family history. We will also have old photos of the church and information on those killed in the first world war, photos of Mayday celebrations, flower festivals and information on kneelers and other points of interest in the church. Tea, coffee and cakes will be available so do come and see inside what is a very interesting, and sadly normally locked, church. On Sunday this will be preceded by our Patronal Festival Parish Communion service at 11am to which you are most warmly invited and to which you will be most welcome.

That is a busy weekend as on Saturday afternoon we are holding a blessing service to celebrate the marriage of Victoria Scott and Scott Murphy which will be a real privilege for us. Last month we also celebrated Trevor Anning and Rachael Murrin’s marriage, a truly joyous occasion on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Our service pattern is somewhat irregular at the moment as we are having several joint services with Feniton. This is an acceptance of the fact that we have tend to have very small congregations and must sometimes travel to share with others. Feniton is not really very far away! For the months of June, July and August we will only have one Holy Communion service a month at Escot, on the fourth Sunday, with the second Sunday being a 9am service at Feniton. What happens in the Autumn will depend on the numbers there. We do want to maintain regular worship at Escot but for this we need people to come! Please check the magazine for the time of services; as from 7th June Evensong on the first Sunday moves to 6pm for the summer.

We look forward to seeing you either at services or the Open Days, or both!

Judy Davis 812739



It seems a long time since I wrote Escot news but of course last month Eve and Keith filled the spot. We held a farewell lunch for them early in March since when they have moved to Calne; I spoke to them a few days after their move and all seems to have gone well although they are surrounded by boxes!

We have just held our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, the occasion on which we present last year’s annual report and accounts and elect church wardens, Parochial Church Council (PCC) and officers for the following year. Numbers at the meeting were at an all time low of six but if anyone would like to receive a copy of the report and accounts please let me know. I was elected as the sole church warden; all six current members of the PCC were re-elected and Shelagh Rogers not only joined the PCC but agreed to act as secretary for which we are most grateful.