Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the April 2020 edition of the Feniton Parish Magazine will not appear in print. However, the content is still available and can be accedded through this link:

Feniton Parish Magazine April 2020



In these extraordinary times we have a variety of ways in which you can connect with St Andrew's Church in Feniton.

You can read this website. We'll let you know here how you can join in worhsip 'virtually' and what other changes we will be making so that we can all keep in touch even though we can't meet in person.

Click 'Read More' below to do just that and also read Rev Dave's update regarding arrangements for mothering Sunday.

Rectory notes

This is the strangest ‘Rectory notes’ I have written. It is still January, and I’ve only just written February’s notes, yet I’m now writing March’s. I start a month’s mini-sabbatical tomorrow. I will be back by March, but the magazine deadline will be gone. ‘Why didn’t I delegate this one to someone else?’ I ponder.

Rectory notes

On Boxing Day in 2004 we watched our TVs in horror, as a tsumani engulfed coastal communities. People, boats, homes, livelihoods, lives – all tossed in the air as if they were nothing.

Rectory notes

Love, I’ve concluded, is like a boat. A sailing boat. It’s February, Valentine’s month, so yes, that type of love included – but wider too, the full huge reach of love.

We don’t have to step on board this boat. “Love woos – it does not compel”, as one writer puts it. But it draws us in, and if we are brave we step gingerly in, the