Reverend Cate Edmonds

The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton

01404 851401

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Dear Friends,

As I drive around or just walk out into the garden and look up I am often amazed at the wonderful cloud formations. This summer

there seem to have been such a marvelous display of different shapes of clouds, checking on the internet I find that there are 10 main groups of clouds (according to the Met Office site) with some wonderfully sounding scientific names like Cirrocumulus and Stratocumulus and other names for cloud formations, like mackerel sky or fleece sky. Whatever we want to call them, I think cloud formation is fascinating and of course it is constantly changing. We can watch clouds form, darken and eventually disappear, we can see gentle clouds drift across the blue sky and so on, all part of our changing and infinitely fascinating world.

Watching the passing clouds is a very relaxing occupation and how wonderful it is to take time just to watch the changing shapes float by. In our busy world there often isn’t much time to do so but if I just spend a moment or two glancing upwards I feel that it gives me a sense of peace and can put things into proportion.. Taking time to stop and enjoy God’s creation is a good way of doing just that, what can seem a real issue can sometimes be brought back into perspective if just given a little pause, a moment of peace. I like to think that it’s like a full stop at the end of a sentence just a slight pause to take a breath can alter the meaning of something.

If we are fortunate to take actual time out that is even better. We read in the Gospels how Jesus himself felt it necessary to take time out, to stop for a moment before carrying on. We also need to give ourselves time, if only just to enjoy the wonder of God’s creation around us. So I encourage you to stop look up at those amazing cloud formations and just for a few moments let your cares roll away with those clouds and I’m sure you will get a sense of peace God’s peace if only for a short time.

As you may remember I mentioned earlier in the year that I would be retiring from full time ministry in the autumn, I intend my final services to be at the Harvest Festivals at each of my churches, Escot, Feniton and Payhembury, see notices for times etc.. I do hope you can join me, every blessing, Cate

PS If there is anyone who would like to be confirmed, renew their baptism/christening vows please let me know as we have a special service in September