Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I sit down to write my last letter to you all. I have written somewhere in the region of 130 over the 11 years I have been with you. In that

time I have had the pleasure to christan over 200 children, married nearly 150 couples and sadly conducted over 200 funerals .It has been an honour to have been with you in your joys and sorrows. I have enjoyed countless community activities which are great and often amusing memories for me. Most importantly I have had the great privilege to work with our children and young people both within school and in a range of other activities. I have to say that it's the children I'm going to miss the most. Sorry to the rest of you.

I sincerely hope that I have been able to share with you God's love and I have certainly received much from you as well. Jesus came to earth to bring God's love directly to each one of us and that love he wanted us to share, we can share it in so many ways and I hope you all continue to share God's love in the many and varied ways you do.

Community is so important in our fast and changing world. I have experienced a wonderful community atmosphere across my three parishes, I have seen the communities pull together when ther have been trials and tribulations and celebrate joyously together. I pray that this will continue for years to come even though people change and challenges arise.

As I wrote last month Harvest this year is poignant for me as I will be finishing in each church at the Harvest Festival, I chose these dates as I think living in this beautiful part of the country we have much to thank God for, Harvest may not be so important for many these days but it is a great time to thank God for the wonders of nature around us and for those whose lives are spent working hard on the land not only to provde food but to conserve God's creation.

I finish now with a huge thank you to you all for receiving me as your vivat and making my time with you not only memorable but a great joy.

Every blessing


P.S. I am holding a Garage/House Sale on October 14th from 10am to 12pm at the Rectory. All proceeds will go to the Children's Society and the Melanesian Mission Exchange Project, pop along for a few bargains.