As we welcome in November and the colder days and nights, our thoughts and prayers should turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. We are busy with the shoe box collection, if you can spare a few items to fill a box, or if you could donate just one small toy these boxes bring so much joy to those children who have

nothing. The boxes are in the church and need to be returned before the 10th November.

Having said goodbye to the Reverend Cate ( in fact many goodbyes )and celebrated our Harvest Festival with her Cate is now travelling to the Solomon Islands to help work with the Melanesian community there .The people of the Islands need our help and prayers at this time, as rising sea levels are causing their islands to disappear. We wish her a safe and blessed visit. We have just had a busy morning helping Cate and Paul with their garage sale, hopefully they have raised a good sum of money to donate to their charities. Cate has promised to come and talk to us about her visit when she returns.

We recently hosted a fun evening of games for the family, which was enjoyed by families from the village .We would like to thank the sports and social club for allowing us the use of their facilities. We raised £130 pounds for the church and hope to repeat the evening next year (on an evening earlier in the year, when it might be warmer and more daylight) Big thankyou to all who helped, and a special thank you to all the local businesses who supplied us with lovely draw prizes.

On Sunday the 8th October we enjoyed a concert organised by Malcolm and Anne in the church .We were kept entertained by a selection of amusing sketches, some talented musicians and some delightful poetry read by the children from the primary school. A book of the childrens poems was presented to Cate during the concert. It is something that Malcolm would like to build on and try to present again, maybe next year, if anyone is interested in joining in please contact Malcolm.

With Cate leaving our services will be taken by ministers from The Otter vale Mission Community, some will be lay lead by our own congregation. The order of services in on the church notice board and on the parish notice board .You will be made very welcome, please come and join us if you can.

We have a Facebook page and a very good website, so please go and have a look at it and if you would like to add anything to it please contact myself or Shan English at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,we">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,we would love to hear from you.

Story time for the children will continue in its 10 am slot, using resources that Cate has left for us. We will work very hard to make it a continuing success. It will be led by Amy, Vicky and Danny. Already some exciting sessions planned for the children.

St Andrews fair will be on the 26th November, and on the 3rd December we will celebrate our Patronal Festival and Advent Sunday. We know what Gill would have said now, look out for the Advent star.

Until next time, Cara   (tel: - 850262 e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )