News from St Andrews.

I hope you were all blessed with a peaceful Christmas. The time has passed so quickly from my last newsletter, I hope you have had time to stay still for a few moments and enjoy the season.

We celebrated our Patronal Festival with a church full of worshippers from the three parishes. The address was a very timely reminder for us all as Christians, that we should be encouraging the growing of new disciples in our community .A huge thank you to our Rector Steve Weston for leading our worship on this very special day. It was also Advent Sunday (have you been watching for the star?)

We enjoyed our usual Christingle service, always a joyful (if rather noisy and excitable service) and a peaceful, reflective Christmas eve Communion.

The new year is with us and all the promises of new beginnings and New Year resolutions .Why don’t you make a new start to your year and come and join us in worship at St Andrews, we would love to welcome you, there will always be a friendly face to talk to you and ensure you are looked after. The service pattern for our church is on the notice board at the end of Church Lane and on the Parish noticeboard at the sports and social club ground. If you have difficulty getting to Church please speak to myself or David Lanning and we will try to help.

We are praying for a peaceful, happy and healthy new year for everyone, welcome 2018.

Cara Sanders 01404-850262