By now we are well into the season of Lent. For Christians the main thing about Lent is that is is a journey towards Easter.

For the first followers of Jesus the journey to the first Easter was an actual journey. Jesus and his disciples walked from Galilee to Jerusalem. For a long time, though, the disciples had been on a journey of faith and inderstanding.

When we read the gospels, we see that the first disciples met this man called Jesus, a Rabbi, and he invited them to follow him. There was something different about this rabbi, though. For one thing, he spoke with real authority. More impressively, he backed up his teaching with miracles. Jesus' disciples began to wonder if there was a bit more to this charismatic man.

The came the day when Jesus calmed the storm. He stood up in the boat and commanded the wind to stop and the waves to be still. That is a crazy thing to do. Except, the wind did stop and the sea calmed. And the disciples asked one another, "Who is this?"

On their journey of faith, the disciples sow more and more signs of who Jesus really was: rabbi, yes; miracle worker, certainly; but also the Messiah, the Son of God, one who was worthy of being called 'Lord'.

But as they neared Jerusalem, there was one thing they had not understood. Jesus had talked of being killed and 'rising from the dead'. They did not understand. If Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, the Lord, there was no way he could be killed.

Imagine, then, their utter devastation when that actually happened. Their whole world must have been shattered when Jesus was arrested, tried, sentenced and crucified.

Little did they know that within the next forty-eight hours Jesus would reveal his greates miracle of all, and a new journey would begin.

May God be with you on your journey. Mark.