Dear All,

Well July is here and what a lovely summer we are enjouying. Life is busy at St Andrew's. We have been very grateful for the support of Anne Mills during our vacancy, we have also enjoyed some lovely services with visiting clergy. We have had two baptisms and welcomed Clementine and Helena to our family.

We await the licensing of our new vicar David Carrington on August 1st, when you are all invited to join us at St Andrew's for what we pray will be a warm and welcoming service for David. David and Dawn will be moving into the Rectory in July.

A huge thani you from us all at St Andrew's for the terrific fund raising effort on the weekend of the plant sale, a total of nearly £5,000 made. Very grateful thanks to Jonathan Cumming for his generous hospitality shown in opening his home and gardens to the Friends of St Andrew's.

An early notice that our next coffee morning will be on Saturday 11th August. We will be raising funds to support the Admiral Nurse working in Honiton. As usual we will be serving teas, coffees and delicious cakes. Please come and join us. We will be in the church from 10.30am. A very well attended coffee morning was held in the church on Saturday 16th June and raised £216.50 for TRIP.

As the school year comes to an end we pray for all those children moving on from their schools on the next step of their journey. We wish them happiness in their new schools and colleges. We pray for good weather for their holidays. We pray for all the teaching and support staff, that they will have a restful and refreshing holiday.

On July 8th, all the chidren who were baptised at St Andrew's and their families are invited to a service to celebrate their baptism. We will be celebrating at 11am, with a picnic after the service. Please watch out for poster invitations.

That's all from mem enjoy the lovely weather and the beautiful surroundings we live in.

Don't forget that if David or I can help our contact numbers are below.

David Lanning - 850699

Cara Sanders - 850262