St.Andrew’s Church Feniton News.

A Dementia friendly carol service was held at St.Andrew’s Church on Friday

the twenty eighth of December. It was well attended by members of the congregation, and members of the Honiton Memory café.

The service was conducted by the Rev. Ann Mills, who retold the old story of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. She did this with the participation of members of the congregation, bringing the age old story to life in such a way that one could really see the wonderful scene in the far off little town of Bethlehem. Each part of the biblical story was accompanied by a different member of the congregation placing the appropriate figure into the empty crib. All the figures used were hand knitted and represented a member of the ancient participants at the scene in Bethlehem all those years ago.

An appropriate Carol was sung after each part of the story. Ann sprung a surprise when announcing that the final Carol the well known and loved “Silent Night”, would be started by the first verse being sung in German by her and Peter. After the blessing we were provided with the usual cups of tea or coffee served by some ladies of our congregation, and with some slices of Christmas cake, baked by Ann for this special occasion.

The music was provided by the Rev. Danny Beaven, who played the keyboard and the Guitar in his usual skilled way. In all it was a most wonderful service which was enjoyed by everyone who attended and participated in the enactment of the ancient story.

In conclusion it only remains to say thank you to the Rev. Ann, Rev. Danny for the music, and to the congregation of St. Andrews ,Feniton, and wishing everyone a Happy New Year.