Rectory notes

Firstly this month a tribute, and a thank you. Those in Feniton particularly will have known Val Jones, who sadly died in June. Val partnered with Brenda to produce the Escot, Feniton and Buckerell parish magazine until that same month. Val brought much energy and vitality to all she did. We miss you, Val. Our

thoughts, Frank, are now with you. Regarding the magazine, Val and Brenda were laying it down anyway, and a big thank you to the new team who have stepped up so quickly.

To summer joy. One of our favourite family films was “Mr Bean’s Holiday”. The embarrassing yet lovable Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) wins a train ticket in a raffle to the South of France. His journey is inevitably peppered by disaster, but as ever he triumphs. In July we finally made the journey as a family ourselves. We experienced more Bean-like incidents en route than desired, but at last we stepped onto the sand and could exclaim his words, “La Mer!”

Provence brought classical culture too. Painter Paul Cezanne lived in Aix-en-Provence, and outside his studio in a quiet suburb (quiet apart from the chatter of cicadas) is a sign (en Francais), “Here is my studio, no-one can get in except me, but because you are a friend, we will go together”. And so we entered his hallowed space, and saw the fruit (thankfully newly fresh) and furniture and everyday implements Cezanne is famous for painting.

A French writer’s prayer he adopted in his latter years was displayed. It ends thus:

Others have sought glory and the uproar of crowds,
But I only wanted this humble laurel tree
Who sparingly grows his black leaves
At the threshold of the truthful artist and good labourer.

And this is why, Lord, having lived my years,
When I will die in the heavens, from where I am from,
I offer these light eyes and this poor face,
And this forehead and these hands, and this obstinate eye.

Accept them and take these round apples as well,
These clusters and these fruits which I’ve tried to paint the best I could
Because their contour was for me the shape of the world
And all of the eternal light is within them.

“La Pomme!” he could perhaps exclaim. “Et l’éternité – merci, mon Dieu!”

Rev David Carrington

Team Vicar of Escot, Feniton and Payhembury

The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton 01404 850905