As we welcome in November and the colder days and nights, our thoughts and prayers should turn to those less fortunate than ourselves. We are busy with the shoe box collection, if you can spare a few items to fill a box, or if you could donate just one small toy these boxes bring so much joy to those children who have

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I sit down to write my last letter to you all. I have written somewhere in the region of 130 over the 11 years I have been with you. In that

Reverend Cate Edmonds

The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton

01404 851401

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Dear Friends,

As I drive around or just walk out into the garden and look up I am often amazed at the wonderful cloud formations. This summer

Everyone is welcome to meet the Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Revd George Takeli and Mrs June Takeli on Wednesday 20th September at 7pm at St Andrew’s, Feniton for a service and bring and share supper to celebrate the life of Patteson.

Dear Friends,

Since sitting down to write my monthly letter there have been 3 terrible tragedies, the bombing at a concert in Manchester, the terrorist attack on London Bridge and