Ash Wednesday...Love Lent, Love one another

As we fast track to February, with the red and green of Christmas, now fading into another memory; we enter the repentant and reflective season o fLent - and the celebrations of St Valentine's Day. A saint steeped in legend and mystery, but one who points us to a time of year that is full to the brim, of chocolate hearts, flowers and romance.

I write this as we are warned that an icy blast is about to hit us bringing Arctic winds and snow. Thankfully due to the generosity of the Friends of St Andrews our church remains dry and warm and ready to welcome all. We look forward to seeing you one Sunday.

       To keep our church looking like this we appreciate a team of volunteers who help keep the church tidy and welcome our congregation with refreshments. If this is something you think you could do please speak to Sheila who would be glad of your help.

   On the 23rd January we are interviewing to fill our vacancy for our new vicar. We pray that the right person is being guided here to help our church grow locally, please keep them in your prayers.

     As a joint team, with members of Payhembury church we are about to introduce Open the book, a programme going into our schools re-enacting bible stories for our children. If anyone feels they have hidden talents and would like to help in any way (we need help with props and costume making) please have a chat with me and I will tell you more.

       Our children are so enjoying story time held on the first Sunday of each month. Danny, Amy and Vicky are committed to keeping up the amazing work that the Reverend Cate started and are enjoying working with the young people in our community.

         Our coffee mornings will start again on March 24th, when we will be supporting Dementia awareness charities. Please come and join us and enjoy a drink and delicious cake.

I look forward to seeing you soon, best wishes from us all at St Andrews.

Cara Sanders. Tel :- 850262

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to stop, look up, and get our bearings.

2018 sees the 130th anniversary of Ecclesiastical Insurance insuring Anglican Churches. To celebrate this, Ecclesiastical is offering to donate £130 to the church of your choice when a new home insurance policy is taken out. We have received one such donation already this year. If you are interested in getting a quote, please see the following link for details:

News from St Andrews.

I hope you were all blessed with a peaceful Christmas. The time has passed so quickly from my last newsletter, I hope you have had time to stay still for a few moments and enjoy the season.