Photo to come...


Hi friends, do you like this picture Rev Cate sent from her holiday? It's of a mice cricket team. We were so surprised to see this we mice have never thought of playing cricket, but this has put the idea into our heads.

Dear Friends, 

I hope the New Year has started well for you. The weather has certainly changed since I last wrote, we have had to weather storms and a certain amount of flooding and all the chaos of our uncertain weather. But in true English spirit we get on with it, may be irritated by it but in the end we are stoical and get on with it even if we moan.

Click here for Rev Cate's letter, September 2015.

               Reverend Cate Edmonds

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Dear Friends,

The lovely late sunny weather we have been having is slowly fading, the trees are rapidly turning colour and the leaves are dropping and starting to get everywhere and I keep thinking that Christmas is not that far off!

Dear Friends,

When driving into Exeter this week first thing in the morning, I noticed a young woman walking along the road obviously talking to someone on her hands-free phone, then I noticed a young Mum pushing a buggy whilst talking on the phone, immediately after along came a jogger listening to music, I presume, as she jogged, then a young man walking along the pavement reading a book.