Hi friends, can’t stop for long to write to you this month, Parchina and I and a few friends have set up a gym club and we are practicing for a gym display in a few weeks time. We got this idea when we saw some gymnastics at Party in the Park and we heard others talking about a gym club. “Why don’t we have go?” Parchina and I thought, so we called together a few of our field mouse friends for a chat about it. “Great”, they said, “we could have great fun with this.”

Well the day we started it rained so we had to practice indoors. We very carefully found an old hymn book in the bottom of the bookcase and then we just started jumping up on it and then down again to get warmed up. After a little while we were able to progress onto some star jumps and Parchina (who I have to say is very good) taught us forward rolls and then amazed us with a back flip. Outside we found some strong bendy stems and formed them into hoops and so have now started to work with these.

It’s such great fun but is keeping us very busy, so busy we nearly missed little Ashton Clarke’s christening, which would have been a shame, he enjoyed the whole service but was a bit surprised when Rev Cate poured water over his head. It was lovely to see lots of happy faces all enjoying the singing and talks.

We saw happy faces when the Reception Class all received their new prayer books after completing whole year at school. But there were sad faces at the Leavers’ Service when we said good bye to all the year 6’s leaving Payhembury School and moving on to Kings School, lucky things all received a lovely new Bible. We mice wish them lots of luck at their new school, perhaps there will be lots of gymnastics there?

Well must dash have to practice my press-ups, Parchie and Parchina.