Village Life through the Seasons

The Autumn Concert

Performance report

On Sunday the 8th October St Andrews Church was transformed into a performance venue. Pews and chairs were

formed into a semicircle and the servery area became a stage.

At 2.00 pm the first members of the audience and the cast filed into the church. By 2.25 the venue was nearly full to capacity with approximately 80 attendees. Ticket money was gathered in and raffle tickets were sold in order to support two local charities. Nearly £400 was raised.

Initially the audience were treated to a demonstration of musical dexterity that extended from a classical piece for the organ to a toe tapping rendition on the keyboard.

The programme moved from music to prose with the Feniton History Group initially giving a very vivid account of the blood and gore that was expended in and around the village followed by slides and stories showing more recent events. Did you know that we had a visit from a downed Spitfire.

The mid part of the proceedings seemed to become the domain of much hilarity as the WI took over to perform a short play based on misunderstandings and gossip. Laughter further abounded as tales were told involving a loo, binder string and unruly children in a nativity play.

A little bit of decorum was established when the very talented children from year 6, Feniton Primary School, read poems from their recently published anthology. The church itself spoke to the gathered attendees and further music also raised the tone of the event.

Unfortunately, the raising of the tone did not last as various reprobates insisted on recounting problems with a hole in a bucket, experiences with home schooling and a desire to were purple in old age.

The audience were encouraged or forced to sing ‘Devon Glorious Devon’ prior to Cate being presented with a specially produced, signed copy of the anthology of the poems written by the Feniton children.

Despite all the glitches and missed entrances the audience and the performers agreed that the event had been a great success. The crowning glory is that by common agreement the event will be put on again next Autumn.

As most of you know this event was staged in order to demonstrate that Feniton has untapped talent. We are now aware that a number of villagers want to have the opportunity to form a music group and even a group who might embark on a pantomime. Please show your interest by contacting Malcolm Armstrong on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ann Reed on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A total of £384 was raised by the event which has been shared equally between the Melanesian Mission and the 'Share and Play' session organised by Feniton Toddlers (that makes £192 each).

Here are a couple of photos of the event.