Feniton Social Hub at the Youth Centre

Many thanks for the support the HB has received. This exercise is now bearing fruit. We have now formed a small committee to run the HUB.

During the next month we hope to be having our first Parish lunch. The HUB meetings will change into a simple cafe format with the odd bit of entertainment thrown in.

Thanks sto EDDC we hope to be getting new furniture - thanks to a bit of steering from Susie. It is hoped that we can secure the necessary licenses to put on broader entertainment events and allow members of the community to use the hall for their own clubs and gatherings.

Looking to the future, we are now talking to health providers to attempt to formulate a pop-up clinic. Lots of pushing and imaginative negotiating needed here.

Finally, the big hurdle, we have lots of suggestions but we now need willing hands. If you can help Cara and me to move the centre forward contact us as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. No help will be refused. Again, many thanks for getting the centre kickstarted and ready for a new future.

April meetings: 9th and 23rd

Malcolm Armstrong