An Evening with

Bishop Sarah

The Bishop of Crediton

Friday 10th March 7.30pm

Kings School, Ottery St Mary

Join us for an interesting evening starting with wine and nibbles followed by a presentation, discussion and informal worship.

Join Bishop Sarah

for Ottery Deanery Evening Worship from Iona

Sunday 12th March at 6.30pm at St Mary’s, Ottery St Mary

Lent Study

Escot, Feniton and Payhembury Parishes

Thursday evening at 7.15 - 8.30 pm staring on March 9th at Feniton Church.

All are welcome for this informal Walk with Jesus to Easter .


Join for the whole course or just an evening

"And here it is..." Now that dates me,  doesn't it?! Ah well...!

Looking back to November, the church was packed for our Remembrance Service on November 13th with a lovely lot of children and young people in their

Hi friends, can’t stop for long to write to you this month, Parchina and I and a few friends have set up a gym club and we are practicing for a gym display in a few weeks time. We got this idea when we saw some gymnastics at Party in the Park and we heard others talking about a gym club. “Why don’t we have go?” Parchina and I thought, so we called together a few of our field mouse friends for a chat about it. “Great”, they said, “we could have great fun with this.”

Dear friends,

It can sometimes seem as if the entire Christian Church goes on holiday for a month around this time of year, but there is of course lots going on, many ministries working away and prayer warriors praying faithfully. I present a summary of some of the activity in our area for your information, your responses, and as ever if you have news you would like me to share, please do let me know. 
And feel free to share this email widely and invite others to contact me about ecumenism.