Hi Friends,

Hope you are enjoying all the spring flowers, we certainly are. Did you know we mice like to climb up the daffodils, right up to the top of the trumpet (they don’t make any noise though) and then swing to and fro, it’s such fun!. When we were very small we used to climb right inside the trumpet and hide, but now we’re getting bigger we don’t fit.

mousechestnutHello friends, can you see what Im doing in this picture? I’ve been gathering conkers. Parchina and I found this lovely tree, I think it’s called a horse chestnut tree, I wonder why horse chestnut? Um!

Hello friends, I hope you have all settled back into school and it has been great to see lots of new children in church, reception do look tiny and their lettle legs swing in the pews. Parchina and I have thought that they have been very good and are learning to sit still very quickly. We mice find it ever so hard to sit still, perhaps that’s because we have tails,um!

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We’d like to invite friends old and new to our very special Story time asSeptember 4th is the 5th Birthday of Story Time why not join us special birthday party at 10am

Good Friday 3rd April

9.30am-11.30am Children’s Activities, Payhembury

Easter Saturday 4th April

2-4pm Children’s Film Party, Feniton