St Andrews – Prayer Circle

At Feniton Church we believe in a God who listens to us and answers our prayers.

Because of this we are setting up a Prayer Circle which is a team of people praying for anyone who wants to ask God’s help for

themselves, their family, friends or community in times of need, bereavement or ill health or facing any other issues or stresses.

For anyone who asks for prayer we will give the following commitments.

  • We will always respect privacy, confidentiality and anonymity
  • We will follow any safeguarding recommendations.
  • We commit to pray for each current prayer item on the list.
  • We will forward prayer requests by to team members email, phone or verbally as quickly and accurately as we can.

Prayer requests can be made via the coordinators, minister, PCC or other church members.

You can ask for prayer even if you are not sure you believe in God yourself or feel confident to talk to him.

Jesus constantly met people who had doubts and questions. He spent time with them, answered challenges, healed and loved them.

If you want us to pray for people by name please make sure you have the person’s permission to give us their name and any other personal details included in the request.

We can pray for people anonymously as a ‘friend’ or ‘family member’ as God knows who we are asking for and is more than able to answer.

Prayer requests can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phoned in on 01404 851283.

If you would like to join this prayer team you can use the same contact details or talk to a PCC member and we send you details of what is expected and how we work as a team.