Sunday 28 June 2020 - Trinity 3
Dear EFP church folk,
I hope this week has been OK for you.

Dear EFP folk,

Here's the link to today's EFP service:
I may have finally lost the plot in the rain!
God bless,
Dear EFP church folk,
Dipping a toe briefly back into things, for two topics… 
(Dawn and I ‘return’ from our ‘staycation' on Wednesday)

7 June 2020 - Trinity Sunday
Dear EFP church folk,
As a reduction in lockdown edges forward, some of you will be needing to remain just as isolated or with little change. Some will be venturing out more. Others will have returned to work, but working in a different way. Whatever your situation, I hope you are finding encouragement and strength in your situation. 

Dear EFP church folk,
I hope you have had a good week, and been able to enjoy the continued amazing weather - a blessing in these difficult times.
A longer email than most, because there is a bit to share about our church buildings.