Sunday 19 April 2020 - Worship video

The link for the video will appear HERE

Here are the links for today's Service Sheet, Readings, Children's Church and Prayer Diary

Watch the video 'together' at 10.30am or in your own time.

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I hope you have had a good Easter week. The plants in our gardens have had a treat with a sprinkling of rain!
We are getting into a rhythm for our EFP Sunday 'video services’.
  • Service sheet and Bible readings for tomorrow attached (and on googledrive).
  • Video on Youtube, link by 8am tomorrow.
  • Watch it ‘together’ at 10.30am.
Also attached are this week’s:
  • Children’s Church sheet
  • Prayer diary
with thanks to Becky.
I shall be having some holiday this week, Monday to Friday. We’re not going far!
From tomorrow’s Gospel reading, and the heart of our Sunday service:
The doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews. 
Jesus came and stood among them and said, 
Peace be with you.’  (John 20 v19)
May God’s peace be with you today.
God bless,