Farewell party for Rev Cate, all the children and youth groups at a social evening.

Hello The06 Youth Pastor Supporters,
Now that Graham Harry has been in post for just over 3 months I thought it might be interesting for you to hear how things are going so far.

There are a variety of children’s activities, in particular the “BBC’s” (Bible and Biscuit Clubs) of which there are two groups catering for different ages and YPOD for older young people, all meeting fortnightly. There is a group which meets monthly on a Sunday morning for the Key Stage 1and 2 children entitled “Story Time “ Film afternoons are being developed for school holiday times.

All these services and events feature on our joint web site www.efpchurch.org.uk.

Here is an update from TheO6 Youth Worker:-


The Biscuit and Bible Club (BBC for short) is a youth group for children in school years 7 upwards (there's BBC2 as well for children in school years 5 & 6). The children are an active lot and keep Cate on her toes. This is what they got up to in the Spring Term 2016.


BBC Spring Term Programme 2016