The BBC (Bible and Biscuit Club) has put in the following bid to the Going for Growth Seed Bank for a grant:

The young people came up with an idea of having their own space, but where to put it was a difficult question as the members of the group come from different parished withing our Mission Community. Discussion ensued and they decided that there was a need to have a portable space to be used across our Mission Community for reflection, study and discussion.

The idea came about that a large tent would be the solution, but the would need to have different zones or rooms so that there would be the opportunity not only to have a communal space but also a private space for prayer and reflection. The young people would be able to design different areas and change these to fit different themes or times and seasons. The tent could then be erected in a variety of lacations and cenues to share the work around the Mission Community and involve more young people in prayer and reflection.

We applied for £450 but were granted the full £500 so we are now hunting ofr a suitable tent with great anticipation.


Some background:

The Diocese's Goung for Growth Seed Bank has a limited number of small grants (max. £500) to give to projects or ventures initiated by children or young people and incolving them in their development and implementation.

The project or initiative should have one of the following at it's heart:

  1. Helping children or young people hear about Jesus
  2. Making a difference in the church
  3. Helping children/youth leaders get better at what they do. 

Priority will be givento projects and ventures which sit within a Church of England context and which demonstrate the involvemner of chidren or young people in their outworking.