The Biscuit and Bible Club (BBC for short) is a youth group for children in school years 7 upwards (there's BBC2 as well for children in school years 5 & 6). The children are an active lot and keep Cate on her toes. This is what they got up to in the Spring Term 2016.


BBC Spring Term Programme 2016

Here's a lovely photo of Erin, a recently confirmed Fenitonian, with Rev Cate and Bishop Sarah.



The 'O6' project is now known as 'Ottery Station' and the youth club there is now open 2 nights a week. They are currently recruiting ofr a Youth Worker who will oversee church youth work in the Ottery area and also act as a centre manager.

The BBC (Bible and Biscuit Club) has put in the following bid to the Going for Growth Seed Bank for a grant:

The young people came up with an idea of having their own space, but where to put it was a difficult question as the members of the group come from different parished withing our Mission Community. Discussion ensued and they decided that there was a need to have a portable space to be used across our Mission Community for reflection, study and discussion.

We've recently received the latest update from The06 Youth Project in Ottery St Mary. There is also a link below to their pledge form if any of you would like to help financially support the proposed Youth Worker.

December The06 report