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8 May 2021
Dear EFP church folk,
I hope your week has gone well. Thank you for the expressions of support following my family loss, and for my time off this week. Three days of therapeutic digging brought renewed life to our front bed (a resurrection on the 3rd day!), then two days to recover from the physical exertions of the first three!
Tomorrow we have 
- Communion at Feniton at 10.30am
- video reflection (link HERE)
Service sheet attached.
Prayer Diary and Children’s Church also attached, with thanks to Becky.
The AGM season is over - thank you to all those who have taken on new or continuing elected roles. Having weathered hopefully the worst of the Covid crisis, we look ahead to a new year, unfolding gradually as churches again. Recruitment of a new Team Rector is also advancing - interviews are on May 20th. We are probably all wondering what these coming months will look like for us.
So Reflection of the Week is from some daily reflections I’m using for the Easter season -
One goes ahead of you
You do not have to do this on your own.
The path has been trodden before.
One goes ahead of you.
All your doubts and fears,
spoken and unspoken,
have been experienced before.
Whatever you face has been faced.
Your questions about life and death.
And the personal stuff you are carrying with you.
That sack of stories.
All of it is shared.
This does not mean that everything is planned out for you.
But rather that the path will reveal itself
as you walk it.
With just the hint of another.
The outline of a footprint in the earth,
some clearing in the grass,
a fragrance.
So take the next step, with faith and hope and love.
One goes ahead of you.
(from ‘Breathing Deep - Life in the Spirit of Easter’, Ian Adams)
Picture of the week - a gift of a random moment of light - a vase and silhouetted plants on our landing this week.
Take care, and God bless,
Team Vicar for Escot, Feniton & Payhembury, Otter Vale Team 
The Rectory