Future dates of Escot Charity Lunches are:

Monday 6 November hosted by Judy Davis for FORCE Charity in Exeter

Monday 4 December - details to be announced

Monday 8 January 2018 (the SECOND Monday of the month) - details to be announced

Monday 5 February - details to be announced

Monday 5 March - details to be announced

Lindsay Saunders, Escot PCC

The year is rushing along, and soon it will be October. Then our Winter Soup Lunch programme will start up again.

The first lunch of the season will be on Monday (yes, we are back to Mondays again!) 2nd October at Escot Village Hall.

The last lunch of the season, hosted by Lesley Yoffee for the "Ottery HELP Scheme" raised the magnificent total of £564! This was a truly splendid amount, for which Lesley and her helpers are to be congratulate for all the hard work involved. Thanks must also go to all the contributors of the soups. I believe we had eight different varieties, so thank goodness for slow cookers - the stov in the Village Hall only has four rings!

Our final total for this 2014-15 winter season has raised the large sum of £2061. £1772 has been donated to various local charities, whilst £289 was given to Escot Church.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who has supported us, and we hope to see you again in the autumn.

Lindsay Saunders

Escot PCC

A big thank you to everyone who supported Joan and David Evans' lunch. Over £340 was raised for the Whimple branch of Riding for the Disabled.

This was held on Monday 1 December and was in aid of 'The Freewheelers'