St Andrew's Church, Feniton is very fortunate to have the support of the Friends of St Andrew's. the 'Friends' are an active fundraising group who support the PCC in the maintenance of the church building and the surrounding churchyard.

We formed the group in 2010.   We have regular meetings with a very supportive committee.
Our fundraising is by Subscriptions and Donations and an annual fundraiser.
In the past we have had an Antiques Style Roadshow, Wedding Dress Display, Concert by The Little Unsaid, and we have had 4 Plant Sales.  All of these events have been extremely successful both socially and financially.
Next year we plan to have another Plant Sale in May.
To read more about the Friends of St Andrew's here are some links to useful infomation:
The group's Terms of Reference
The current leaflet outlining the work of the Friends
The Minutes of the meeting of the Friends in March 2017
For more information, please contact Val Stringer Tel 01404 850124