Dear All,

I am rather late in sending out this year’s dates as I have been asking a few members of the team if they would prefer a mid-week date or continue with Saturdays. It was interesting as some said they were happy with either a Saturday or a mid-week date, others opted for a preference to mid-week whilst others

The St Andrew's Angelics are a tea-and-cake-fuelled group who care for the churchyard at St Andrew's, usually on the first Saturday of each month (see the Calendar for precise dates).

Churchyard Grass Cutting 2019

One of the features of walking around the village is seeing that the churchyard is well kept. This is presenting a problem as the volunteer team that does the grass cutting get older by the year and we are getting desperate for some younger help, so if there is

Churchyard Grass Cutting 2018

Dear all,

I know you have been waiting to arrange 2018 social events in your diaries but put off doing so until you received the grass cutting dates. Well at last here they are:-

The Angelics

Who are we and what do we do?

This is a very social group of parishioners, some who come to church and some who don’t, male and female, young and old, skilled or unskilled, but who wish to keep the churchyard tidy.