Most peole like to see a tidy churchyard as it makes the whole church and village look cared for. So once again I am begging for help to cut the churchyard grass.

Every year I say the same thing that a small band turns up year after year and we are all getting older - the average age exceeds 70 and we desperately need some younger members. We know those of you with families have many commitments but to give up 2 hours once a month during the growing season is not a huge commitment and your help would be most welcome.

We set aside the first Saturday in each month so the following dates are the Saturdays that we intend to cut the church grass. March 5th; April 2nd; May 7th; June 4th; July 2nd; August 6th; September 3rd; October 1st and finally November 5th if necessary. If you can help on a few or all of these dates please put them in your diary.

Start time is approx. 9am and we aim to finish by 11am at the latest, but you can come and go tosuit your Saturday plans.

If you don't fancy cutting grass please come anyway and help with other jobs as there is always something for everybody. If you can bring a motorised strimmer or mower, or even persuade a friend to come along, it would be a great help, if not bring shears or other garden tools that may be needed. Some strimmers and mowers are available for those who cannot bring one; anyway, there is always plenty of raking to be done. Coffee and biscuits are the incentive to come but so is the humour, the sense of fun and the feeling of community spirit with a job well done.

Please come along if you can.

With many thanks

David (850699)