The Angelics

Who are we and what do we do?

This is a very social group of parishioners, some who come to church and some who don’t, male and female, young and old, skilled or unskilled, but who wish to keep the churchyard tidy.

We cut the grass, clean the paths and do repair work that is within our capability.

We meet at 9am on the first Saturday of each month during the grass growing season, weather permitting. We work until about 11 am with a break for coffee and biscuits at some stage during the morning.

We may have to alter the dates and times if the weather is against us or if the grass is growing quickly or if there is a special event taking place in church. If the organiser of the Angelics has an e- mail address or phone number, these changes are communicated to the workforce.

Workers come and go as they please because domestic arrangements may have to take precedence, but that is quite accepted. Likewise, volunteers do not have to turn up each month. People come as and when they can.

If you feel you could help this ageing group of workers we would be delighted so please give David Lanning a phone call on 01404 850699. You will be made to feel welcome.