THE UNDERLYING AIM OF THE OTTER VALE MISSION COMMUNITY is to support each parish church, and each of our church schools, to grow in, and share their faith in Christ.

THE SIX HEADINGS – PRAYER, WORSHIP, DISCIPLESHIP, TRAINING, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND MISSION – and the shared aims listed under each on the grid were suggested by the MC staff and introduced to all congregations as part of the MOiMM process, followed by opportunities for discussion and feedback. These were then agreed by each PCC. Each church was then asked to interpret the general plan in the light of its own situation, identifying particular needs and priorities. It was made clear that not every church will necessarily feel that it has priority action points under every heading, and that those identified may well change on review. For many of the smaller churches, action may consist of publicising provision at neighbouring churches.

ACTION POINTS recorded on the grid are indicative of each church’s focus at the present time: they are not a complete record of all that is proposed. More comprehensive individual mission action plans are available if needed. Each action plan should be reviewed annually before the APCM.


* MC staff meet to eat, pray and plan once a month approx.

* MC staff and churchwardens meet together 4 times a year. We operate a shared fund for eg. joint training costs.

* Shared worship: each year there is a shared Choral Evensong, and shared Advent Carol Service. Smaller groups of churches may combine at other


* Most training is shared: eg. marriage preparation

                                               leading intercessions

                                              leading worship / speaking in a service

                                               presentation skills


* Other events eg. concerts, fetes, social events, fundraising events are publicised and supported across the MC.

*  Otherwise, we aim to be willing to support one another wherever possible with human and / or material resources.

Our three church schools also work together to support and encourage one another.

           Prayer Worship Discipleship Training Community Evangelism

Agreed MC


To ensure all we do is rooted in a discipline of prayer To ensure we provide a range of different forms of worship

To enable Christians

to grow, at every

stage of life/ faith

To develop a frame-work of training for lay people

To respond to the needs in our local


To develop ways of sharing our faith and sparking vision
Alfington   Encourage young families to Rainbow and festival services Possible occasional (eg Lent) home group Meeting with Diocesan Rural Officer; others to be invited. Develop role as sole community group

Continue to provide focus for community events.

Colaton Raleigh To recognize the importance of prayer in everything we do.

Encourage lay leaders.

Install electrical heating.

Continue regular family services. Review our monthly pattern of services.

Publicise courses, clubs etc. within MC and encourage take-up MC training for leading (family) worship Encourage individual Christians in their involvement in village groups and activities outside the church.

Advertise church to community as place for quiet reflection.

Reach out to families (see Worship).

Harpford   Maintain BCP worship for those throughout MC who value it.     Discuss with the hall committee what arrangements in the future will best serve the village.

Develop contact with baptism/wedding/

funeral families + special services



Prayer as the foundation of all we do. Explore other avenues for corporate and individual prayer Review new pattern of fewer but better all-age services. Nurture lay leaders.

Nurture work with

Children / YP.

Encourage all to

belong to home group.

Expand work with

elderly and lonely.

Encourage succession planning for all roles. . Building work to provide toilets, kitchen, meeting space and storage following the fire in 2010. Build on work with families especially through Tea & Toast / T&T Extra. Run a Christianity Explored course in Autumn 2012.

           Prayer Worship Discipleship Training Community Evangelism

Tipton with

Venn Ottery

Encourage personal prayer + attendance at monthly prayer meeting. Continue to develop prayer ministry Continue to offer a variety of styles of worship plus special services for the wider community. Review fifth Sunday services.

Encourage and support our home groups. Encourage personal bible reading.

Support young people through TYC and Chill Out groups.

Make full use of team and Diocesan training

Support pastoral visiting team. Build contact with new school leadership & pre-school children. Support link with   Angela Court .

Continue contact with bqptism/wedding/

funeral families. Consider opportunities for maximising contact with wedding families. Make use of Tipton Times to celebrate our successes.

Ottery St Mary

Prayer board;

Prayer ministry after services;teaching series on prayer. Ignatian prayer day

Review all-age service, looking at implications for wider worship. Develop lay/all-age involvement in services. Explore place of Holy Spirit. Lee Abbey weekend 2013. Provision for young people ?? Exploring Christianity or other in-depth study. Encourage more small group learning. Supportive supervision of lay leadership. Regular meeting to encourage leaders. Audio visual and pastoral training. Develop use of building to share good news. Work with CTIO re food bank, elderly? Develop links with schools. Parish nurse?

Provide resources for those seeking info on faith issues. With CTIO appoint and support detached youth worker. Ongoing Just Looking / basic courses.

Escot, Feniton

& Payhembury

Increase participation in monthly EPF prayer group, group for special times and

small prayer groups/partners.

Continue to encourage movement between churches. 5th Sundays to be used to explore further the increasing variety of worship styles available.

Informal Bible study group as first steps. Teaching during services to concentrate more fully on discipleship. Develop

church library.

Encourage sharing and development of specific skills gained through participation in Miss Comm and Diocesan training. Further encourage regular contributions to church schools inc governors. Proactive use of welcome cards. Developing and co-ordinating visiting (AH)

Continue to develop children’s work; look at what next for slightly older children ? Cafe Plus

Encourage / support members in sharing their faith more readily.

West Hill

Encourage support for weekly prayer meeting.

Prayer ministry during & after services.

Continue to offer Parish Eucharist + 8 am Holy Communion x2, less formal service of the word + family service each month. Provide children's group + Crèche each Sunday

Upgrade sound system.

Encourage growth of existing 4 Home Groups, weekly prayer group, Men's group, Cameo women's group +Mothers Union branch, bi-monthly Youth group & monthly Fun Club.

Encourage participation in training provided by Mission community & Diocese.

Provide mentoring.

Identify & develop individuals' gifts & potential.

Social evenings /

lunches; preschool

activities. continue weekly connection with preschool play group.

2011 Flower Festival.

Participation in Village fete & other local events.

More contact with uniformed organisations. Continue to offer 'adventure days' for primary age children prior to major festivals.

Continue to offer service in Church for Pre-school prior to major festivals.

Wiggaton   Look for ways of involving local young people, and the wider community, especially at festival times Possible occasional (eg Lent) home group Take advantage of team and diocesan training opportunities Develop role as sole community group in Wiggaton Continue to provide focus for community events