(from 'A History of St Philip and St James, Escot - available from the church)

The church of St Philip and St James was originally (1838) a chapel in the Parish of Ottery St Mary, erected by Sir J Kennaway, bt. of the nearby Escot House. It was consecrated on 1 May 1840 with the Rev. PW Douglas MA being appointed as perpetual curate. A district was assigned on 11 June 1844, taken out of Ottery St Mary and Talaton, where the Kennaways of Escot House had previously worshipped. The incumbent became a vicar in 1868 and the parish retained its independance until 1958 when the Rector of Talaton became Vicar of Escot and Priest in Charge of Clyst Hydon and Clyst St Lawrence. In 1989, reorganisation led to its linkage with Feniton and Buckerell in a United Benefice under the Rev. WHC Kingston BSc, as Rector. After his death in office, he was succeeded by Rev Robert Gordon, who was designated Priest in Charge of the parishes. Rev Gordon left for St Peter's, Tiverton in 2009.

After another reorganisation in 2005 a Team Rector was appointed, based in Ottery St Mary to oversee the work of several parishes which became the Otter Vale Team Ministry. Escot, Feniton and Payhembury churches were included in this and this remains the situation at the present time with our current Rector being Rev Catherine Edmonds.


Report on the replacement of the dove window in Escot Church, near Ottery St Mary.

The dove in the east window is very unusual. Over the years it had deteriorated, cracked and pieces had been falling out which prompted us to contact Andrew Johnson to come and have a look at it. Andrew has completed other work for us over the years, has a wealth of knowledge and knows the church well.  

In order to protect the old dove window from any further damage, and eventually the new one, Andrew fitted a piece of polycarbonate to the outside. Photos were also taken.