We hope that you would like to visit our church. Here we provide an introduction to the building, including how we have attempted to make it accessible to all.

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(abridged from 'St Andrew's Church, Feniton, Devon EX14 3BY: A Brief History and Points of Interest' available from the church)

Feniton (Finetone) is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, although there is no mention of Saxon church. The oldest surviving part of the church is a small part of the masonry in the north wall. There is also evidence of the existence of a Norman church here from the list of Rectors with Norman names.

The Church of St Andrew, Feniton, the majority of that visible today being 15th century, is built of at least six types of stone and was originally probably plastered and lime washed. There have been three interior restorations in relatively recent times. The first was in 1836, followed by a major one in 1877. The latest interior work was in 2010, following a flood in 2008.