Rectory notes

In the Beginning… was the Big Splash (also known as the Big Bang).

Into the infinite and eternal Pond of Grace was dropped a pebble. Ripples spread across space and time. Light leapt joyfully to fill the darkness. Atoms and

molecules joined hands to dance in new arrangements. Stars and galaxies arose rejoicing to ride a passing wave, then collapsed back again. Life bobbed as a beautiful boat on the waves.

And the Pond of Grace, deep and wide as the ocean, was filled with goodness.

But the pond became muddied. It became harder to peer down through the depths that were once crystal clear. The sun had sparkled off the waves, but now clouds greyed the light, and a chill wind darkened the water’s surface. The expanse of the ocean now seemed fearful. People withdrew to its edges, seeking safety, or even out of it altogether.

Yet the ripples of Grace continued, quietly and undeterred, spreading from their eternal source. And above the wind a voice could be heard, a whispered invitation to return to the waves. The adventurous responded, and pushed their boats out from the shore to sea. They felt anew the rise and fall of the swell, and sensed it was good. They rode the surf by the shore. They swam, diving deep and glimpsing the clear depths. They cast a line, and glistening silvery fish tumbled onto the deck. And they rejoiced.

Galileo, the famous astronomer, said this:

‘The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.’

It’s Harvest season. Fields of corn that rippled in the wind have now been brought in. Ripened grapes have been plucked from the vines (few in these parts, perhaps). We are lifted on a seasonal wave of provision and Grace.

May we have courage to adventure into the deep ocean of life. To swim and surf and dive in the proverbial depths, that though they may seem murky, we may catch new glimpses of the crystal waters. To feel, perhaps anew, the Grace which surrounds us and carries the world. And know that the Pond of Grace is good.

Rev David Carrington

Team Vicar of Escot, Feniton and Payhembury

The Rectory, Station Road, Feniton 01404 850905