Feniton Cream Tea 2/8/15

As you can see from the pictures, the Feniton Church Cream Tea was blessed with sunshine. £170.70 was raised for Church Funds. Thank you to all who helped prepare and eat the cream teas!

CreamTea1July2015  CreamTea2July2015


Here are a few photos from St Andrews' Feniton's 'Chill Out Zone' at Feniton Fun Day 2015:

image1   image4

image5 image6

image7 image8

image9 image10

16-17 May 2015 St Andrew's, Feniton was host to a spectacular display of Wedding Dresses and Christening Gowns. This raised £1054.20 for The Friends of St Andrew's.


WeddingDress1  WeddingDress2



On 29 March 2015 the congregation of St Andrew's Church commemorated the departure of Bishop Patteson for the Solomon Islands. They walked from Feniton Church to Alphington Church, followed by a picnic. Here are some photos from the Feniton Patteson display and from the walk to Alphington.

Lots of work goes into creating the Christingles which you take home at the end of the service. Here's how it's done -


It takes AGES to thread all those sweets!Christingle2014B

Cutting the hole for the candle and adding the ribbon