We have had a fun term acting out bible stories to the children of Payhembury and Feniton Primary Schools, looking at bible characters like David and Goliath, King Solomon and his wisdom and the First Christmas. It is lovely when the children can join in as characters themselves adn they enjoy the songs we always do too. It's

Our Christingle Service was well-attended, as usual. Thanks to the genterosity of the congregation £279.24 will be sent to The Children's Society. Here are some photos:

Christingle 2017


You will be delighted to know that the Chritingle Service will go ahead as usual.

The traditional start of Feniton's Christmas Celebrations will be at the usual place (St Andrew's Church, Feniton Old Village) at at the usual time (4pm on Christmas Eve) and in the usual format (large numbers of people including many many children - we hope - squeezing into the church for a magical service). It will be led by the Rev Anne Mills and we look forward to celebrating with you all, whether you be old, young, new arrival, long-time resident or visitor.

See you there

Feniton PCC

Hello friends, can you see what we mice are up to. Well Mum and Dad thought it would be a good idea if we leant a musical instrument. You see we enjoy the music in church so much they thought it was about time we joined in. So they managed to find a french horn and a

Hello friends, how are you? Do you like the photo of us on holiday? While you were away on half term we mice decided to have a trip to the seaside for our holiday too. We packed up our beach gear and travelled in our special mouse coach down to visit our cousins at the