On the first Sunday in each month at 10 am in St Andrew’s Church, Feniton, a special service is held for the younger children, with the name of  “Rev. Cates Story Time”. This lasts 30 minutes or so where songs are sung, prayers are said, birthdays are celebrated and a Bible story is told, finally there are drinks and biscuits for both children and the adults that bring them. If families wish to stay for the 11 am Holy Communion Service which follows the Storytime session, they are very welcome.


Toy bags

Toy bags are available, if you would like to use them with your child and can be found hanging under the stairs in the entrance vestibule at the base of the tower (most likely where you came in!). There is also a bookcase on wheels at the back of the church, just inside the glazed doors, which holds story books for children.


Can you find our animals?

In Feniton Church we have two toy cats who are looked after by 'Mrs Hearty', a knitted stuffed toy. The cats and Mrs Hearty move around the church from time to time. Can you find them?

In Payhembury Church there is a family of (toy) mice. I'm not sure how many there are so you will have to search thoroughly and see how many you can find. The sidesmen at your service may be able to tell you how many mice to look for!