Hello friends, I hope you have all settled back into school and it has been great to see lots of new children in church, reception do look tiny and their lettle legs swing in the pews. Parchina and I have thought that they have been very good and are learning to sit still very quickly. We mice find it ever so hard to sit still, perhaps that’s because we have tails,um!

Poor Grandad mouse is having to sit very still at the moment, he has broken his leg and cut his tail.. You see he was out in the fields having his suual morning walk whenhe fell over a broken bottle that was hidden in long grass. Someone must have thrown it there or dropped it and not botrhered to pick it up, very naughty . Well he fell over it and the jagged edge cut his lovely long tail and the fall broke his leg. He lay in the grass for a while until Parchina nd I found him. We helped him up, but he was in a lot of pain and we carried him back into church. Granma mouse was very upset, but Mum and Da managed to bandage his tail and his leg and we made him a crutch so he can walk about slowly until it heals. We are all very cross that someone could leave a broken bottle in the grass and not put it in a bin.

So poor Grandad can’t move very much but from his special place he has been able to see what is going on and he praticulalry enjoyed Charlote Martin’s christening and also Elizabeth Elsom’s . We all love to see a christening, everyone looking so happy and singing nice songs. Well we must go now and see if we can help Grandad and please remember put you rubbish in the bin , don’t leave anything about that could cause us mice and anyone else any harm, sqeaks, Parchie and Parchina.