mousechestnutHello friends, can you see what Im doing in this picture? I’ve been gathering conkers. Parchina and I found this lovely tree, I think it’s called a horse chestnut tree, I wonder why horse chestnut? Um!

Well we found this tree and underneath were hundreds of conkers, lovely shiny brown conkers, some were still in their shells but others had popped out and were just lying on the grond. So we gathered them up and have been playing with them for days. Mum was pleased when we brought some home as she says conkers keep the spiders away and she doesn’t like spiders as they make too many webs across our nest. We have also been collecting the empty shells as they are really useful to hide all our little mouse treasures in our nest. Our favourite game though is to climb on top of the conkers and see how far we can go rolling them under our feet until we fall off. I have to say Parchina is much better at this than me, but we have had some fun and some bruises when we’ve fallen off.

We have also been very busy collecting moss and straw for our nests as we know winter is coming and we need to keep warm and we’ve had to store up some nuts and fruit as well. We enjoyed harvest festival as there were plenty of goodies all around church for us to nibble and still leave plenty for other people.

It’s such fun when there are clebrations in church like the Christeing of little Ida Gilbert, but she wasn’t very happy when Rev Cate poured water over her head, I’m not surprised, but no one seemed to mind and everyone looked very happy. Well must dash off time for more conker rolling, squeaks, Parchie and Parchina.