Hi Friends,

Hope you are enjoying all the spring flowers, we certainly are. Did you know we mice like to climb up the daffodils, right up to the top of the trumpet (they don’t make any noise though) and then swing to and fro, it’s such fun!. When we were very small we used to climb right inside the trumpet and hide, but now we’re getting bigger we don’t fit.

Oh we love the Spring with all the lovely pretty flowers in the hedges. You can see us with a friend collecting small daffodils for Mothering Sunday, we mice also like to thanks our Mum’s and all who look after us for being there for us. It’s nice to thank people isn’t it, sometimes we can be so busy we forget to so Mothering Sunday was a nice time to stop and say thank you to all in our family who look after us. It was good to join in quietly with the service in church, I bet you didn’t notice us on the screen, poking our little noses between the carving?

It’s going to be quiet in church for the start of April’ we have heard’ as the children are going on holiday. We will miss their lovely singing each Thursday, but no doubt they will be back in good voice after the holiday and we hope they have a lovely time. Till then we will continue to play in the flowers, blue bells soon we hope as well. Have a Happy Easter and we look forward to seeing you in church on Easter Day, look out for us.

See you soon, Parchy