Hello friends, how are you? Do you like the photo of us on holiday? While you were away on half term we mice decided to have a trip to the seaside for our holiday too. We packed up our beach gear and travelled in our special mouse coach down to visit our cousins at the

seaside. It took quite a while and Granma mouse didn’t feel very well when we got there, she doesn’t really like travelling. But when she got out of the coach she saw some ice-cream and do you know she immediately felt better!

Well we had a super time, we had some lovely hot days and you can see in the picture I was being a kind brother and helping to protect Parchina from the sun and squirting her with sun cream. I have to say it was fun and I did put a bit too much on so she looked like a white mouse, he he! Anyway she was protected from the hot sun, it is important even for us mice to be careful in the sun; our little ears do get quite burnt sometimes.

When we came back from out holidays we were surprised to see what was happening at school, the building has suddenly started to grow, there is big machinery around and we have to be careful when we pop up to have a look that we’re not caught under big wheels or fall down deep holes. We are really excited to see what it will look like.

We are really pleased that soup lunches are continuing during the summer so we will have lots of crumbs to find when everyone has gone. The church has been very busy with concerts with lots of singing, we mice are rather puzzled why you humans must have food and drink as well, we don’t mind as there is plenty for us to clear up afterwards.

I believe there is another exciting happening too little Rosie Burden is being baptized, oh we love a lovely baptism everyone is so happy and that’s just how we should all be, we live in a lovely place, we are lucky and so when we go to bed and say our prayers we always thank God for all that we have just like the children do each week when they come to church. I hope you do as well. Must dash, love Parchie and Parchina.