Dear EFP church folk,
A quote about faith I read this week, which I use in today’s service:
“How long can a crumb sustain a body, how long can a glimpse sustain a faith? 
To crumble, to fade is to become nothing. 
Faith is then the trust that something is created out of nothing”
This offers the deep reassurance that even if our faith through these times feels fragile to the point of nothingness, that is the very point at which God can create something out of nothing before our eyes.
(Quote by Jim Cotter, in ‘Etched by Silence - a pilgrimage through the poetry of R S Thomas’)
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Church building open-ness
From a week ago, clergy are now permitted to enter their parishes’ church buildings for private prayer and streaming services. This is a very small first step in the Church of England re-opening churches. There is no timescale yet for further steps.
I am continuing to record our video services mainly at home or other locations, since that is where we all are. When we have ‘Communion’, I plan to record this in one of the churches. The next Communion planned is for Pentecost Sunday in a fortnight’s time.
Reflection on isolation
Walter Brueggemann, a true elder statesman of Old Testament studies and particularly the Psalms, wrote an inspiring article this week about isolation, entitled:
'Quarantine Fatigue or Sabbath Rest: A Reflection on Psalm 31’
I recommend it for a thoughtful read. (nb I tripped up on the word ‘Promethean’ too - but the jargon doesn’t matter!)
Rev Dave
Feniton Rectory