Dear EFP church folk,
Congratulations to all involved in schools - teachers, children and parents - for making it through to half-term. 
It has been an extraordinarily tiring period for most, dealing with all the pandemic restrictions. Payhembury have this week also been several staff down, largely due to COVID and consequent self-isolation. 
May the half-term break bring some much-needed rest for all.
Others in our community have recently lost people close to them
So let us be thankful for these people whose lives have enriched ours, and hold their families and friends before God.
Tomorrow is -
  • Storytime+ 9am at Feniton
  • All-Age service 10.30am at Payhembury 
All welcome to both.
The link for tomorrow's video reflection is -
Attached are this week’s Prayer Diary and Children’s Church, with thanks to Becky (and extra Colouring Sheet).
Services for November -
1st  Feniton Communion 10.30am
8th Feniton Remembrance 10.55am
Payhembury Remembrance  10.55am
15th  Escot Communion 10.30am
22nd Feniton  Storytime+ 9am
Payhembury  All-age 10.30am
29th Team Advent Communion at Escot 10.30am
Prayer of the week -
Lord you are my hiding place
A shelter from the storm
A protection from the heat
I rest under the cover of your wing
Your love is all around me
Above me to uplift me
Beneath me to support me
Behind me to protect me
Before me to guide me
Around me to shield me
Within me to strengthen me
Lord you are my hiding place
This day and forever
This day and forever
(David Adam, from ‘Island of light’)
Picture of the week
a clergy friend re-read the attached notice displayed in their church building for some months. 
It all depends how you read it...
Enjoy the bonus hour tonight!
Take care, and God bless,
Team Vicar for Escot, Feniton & Payhembury, Otter Vale Team 
The Rectory