7 February 2021
Dear EFP church folk,
As well as saying a national farewell this week to Sir Tom Moore, we said a local farewell to ‘Doll’ Brown. Doll’s life began during one pandemic - the Spanish Flu in 1919 - and ended with another. She lived in Gosford Lane Escot for 65 years. With thoughts and prayers for her large local family, and for all who are mourning loved ones. 
Some experiences can make our lives feel shattered, like glass. The pandemic can make such experiences more common.
Tomorrow we reflect on being held together even when shattered, by love and by God.
So tomorrow… we have our video worship -
  • YouTube link available HERE
This week’s Prayer diary and Children’s church are attached, with thanks to Becky.
Leah’s message about a song sheet for any who missed it last week -
Hi everybody,
Early last year, we decided in our Worship meeting, to put together an additional song sheet containing extra songs that we know and love, but that are not in the hymnbook. Perhaps some modern classics that will stand the test of time. I have already had some ideas but would like to give you the chance to share your thoughts too. The worship committee can then decide on our favourites, and this will really help when planning what songs and hymns to include each Sunday.
To think that we might all be able to sing and worship again together is a comforting thought, at this difficult time. Lockdown seems like a good time to get this job done!
Many thanks,
Two prayers for the week

A prayer for the morning
You are with us Lord Christ 
and we have seen you, 
in the mist rising from the hills,
in the sun breaking across the fields,
in the wind waving the trees’ branches,
in the smile of a stranger, 
you are among us Lord… 
…and we have seen you. 
A prayer for the evening
Lord, live in us
as we look to live in you. 
Settle in our hearts 
that we may know compassion. 
Rest in our minds 
that we may find peace, 
and stay with us Lord, 
that we may live in joy 
and abide in love. 
(@TheCarceri Twitter Feb 21)
Dawn and I will be on holiday this week. Not going far in lockdown! Just keeping warm. 🙂
Take care, and God bless,
Team Vicar for Escot, Feniton & Payhembury, Otter Vale Team 
The Rectory